Welcome to Souimanga

Located three kilometres from the centre of charming Antsirabe and nestled in the middle of a conservatory garden of endemic Malagasy plants, the "Souimanga Hotel-Restaurant" welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our property promotes sustainable green development through its concepts of self-sufficiency, organic culture and social projects geared towards the surrounding communities. Thus:
- Our hotel is mostly designed with local or recycled materials.
- Our conservatory park aims at conserving and collecting plants but also plays an educational and experimental role to find effective solutions in order to foster self-sufficiency and fight against the use of pesticides.
- Our farm and garden are run organically to offer our guests fresh and healthy products straight into their plate all year round.

  • Focusing on quality rather than quantity, the "Souimanga" offers five rooms, each of them surprising you by its originality and personal touches.

  • "Le Tapia", will have you discover a diversified home cooked cuisine such as revamped traditional Malagasy dishes, European and Creole cuisines, with fresh products form the organic farm and garden.

  • For your well-being, we propose sports oriented (cycling, hiking, table tennis) or relaxing activities (reading, TV, massages, local tours) and many other services that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Our history

A family run passion which gave birth to an array of conservation projects

Souimanga was born on a totally bare piece of land in 2006. Two years later, tree planting started taking place but mostly failed due to the irregular presence of the owners, then living overseas. Initially, the property was not intended to become a hotel but to remain a private area boasting high plant diversity to largely be self-sufficient thanks to organic farming whilst remaining very close to the surrounding villagers.

Our first piece of land

At this point, several key factors and challenges came to our attention, such as:
- The failure of an essential oil plantation start up in Ambositra.
- The observation that many Malagasy farmers and livestock breeders massively used pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals.
- The accelerated disappearance of the last forest fragments on the high plateaux of Madagascar, and the extinction of hundreds of species of shrubs, bushes, wood trees traditionally used in Malagasy arts and crafts, local remedies, etc.

We thus decided to start a triple project on the 6000 m2 plot surround the family house: 1. a conservatory and experimental park cultivating as many endemic plants as possible to determine which would be suitable for quality reforestation projects 2. An organic farm and garden 3. A cosy and unique hotel located within this exceptional environment.

8 years of experimentation and adjustments

From 2012 to 2018, the vegetation has expanded 1.2 hectares around the hotel. Through experience and lots of hard work, a favourable microclimate finally developed and a great deal of biodiversity thrived, eventually giving our property its name: the “Souimanga” is indeed the scientific name of a Madagascar bird that feeds mainly on flower nectar and settled on our initially fauna and flora deprived land. Today, you can witness them flying around in quantity in the hotel's park. The addition of plants, honey and fruit trees also brought about the arrival of many other species of birds and insects.

It therefore took 8 years for the concept of Souimanga Hotel to become operational and welcome guests. Currently, it is one of the very few hotels in Madagascar, if not the only one, to have its own conservatory park and run its organic farm and garden producing 70% of the products offered to its visitors (poultry, rabbits, milk, fruit, jam, honey, vegetables, bread...).

Our land in 2020

An economic and ecological runoff

In Madagascar, daily struggles are numerous and many efforts remain to be done in terms of social services, education, or environment protection. The Souimanga Hotel project does its best to actively participate in the improvement of these three areas through:
- The "garden at school" project which sensitizes the village's schoolchildren and their parents about nutrition, protection of the environment, the usage of natural cultivation methods used in the past.
- The experimentation of successful natural agroforestry methods to be shared with farmers and various organisations interested in those concepts.
- The conservation of tropical and temperate fruits as well as ornamental plants of all kinds (to enable enthusiasts and nurseries to get grafts, cuttings, seeds if necessary).
- The systematic safeguarding of the high plateaux endemic flora, particularly plants used in the villagers' family pharmacopoeia.
- The identification and support of Malagasy nurserymen interested in endemic species (in particular the Avotr'ala nursery in Moramanga).

Responsible tourism

By staying at the Souimanga Hotel, in addition to the warm welcome and the quality service on offer, you will thus help us to continue writing our history and above all to support our action since part of the hotel's profits are reinvested in these projects.


9.4/10 Fabulous
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5/5 Excellent
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4.4/5 Excellent
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"Our favorite"

"A small paradise in Antsirabe! Imagine a boutique art style hotel, surrounded by the lush tropical garden! The design with a great attention to details, creative handmade furniture, spacious rooms, big bathrooms with plenty of hot water. All this accompanied by a delicious cuisine, prepared by the family from the organic fruits and vegetables they grown there by themselves! Wifi was perfect, food was very good and thank you very much for the tour of your amazing tropical garden with thousands of plants species! "

Daina Via Booking

"f we ever return, we'll stay here for sure! This is the best hotel we stayed in in Madagascar - an absolute gem! The hotel is located down a dirt road that on approach seems a a bit dicey, but once inside you are in another world! The park/gardens around the hotel are incredible - everything grows here. Ask if you can have a guided tour from Sylvain. The rooms are comfortable, everything works well. The food is amazing and thoughtfully prepared. Everything is from the property, a farm to table experience. Don't miss staying here! "

Fiona Via Booking

"Charming B&B — my favorite stay for the whole trip! It was a very welcoming and homey place... I felt so relaxed the moment I stepped in. The staff were great and friendly. The food was amazing — they have their own small farm out back and the food is fresh and homegrown. I totally enjoyed my meals there. I stayed there twice (2 separate instances) and I really looked forward to being back for the second stay. This was my favorite accommodation in my 2 weeks in the country! "

Alexandra Via Booking

"Loved it! Recommended! You will be surprised by being there! Delicious food, a lot of ingredients are from their own garden, organic. Place is very cozy and the room was very clean. And staff were amazing!! The place I surely would recommend in Antsirabe! "

Esmeralda Via Booking